Monday, August 6, 2007


Dear Peapod,

Well, I have some bad news for you -- first, your mom is an emotional wreck. I'm crying at all sorts of things. Happy crying, not sad crying, but crying nonetheless. I get all teary at all sorts of things. Like, I was listening to Paul Simon's "Love me Like a Rock," and thinking of singing it to you while dandling you on my knee (you'll have to let me know whether "dandling" is still a word in 2027 or whatever -- it's out of date now!). Then I was thinking what it would be like to raise a child to adulthood who was secure in the knowledge that your mama loves you. Twice now I've been listening to that song, and I get to the bit where he sings "My mama loves me... she loves me loves me loves me loves me..." Well, I get teary thinking about you!

Which brings us to the other bit of bad news: You're going to know some music that's hopelessly out of date. I mean, I was a bit of an anachronism in the 80s and 90s knowing (and loving) Paul Simon, The Beatles, Donovan, and the Beach Boys as I do, but you? Thirty years later? Yeah, if you take after me in your love of music, you are going to know so much old stuff. And not the stuff that will be cutely retro -- I'm not singing you Fergie or System of a Down -- no, you'll know Johnny Cash, the Who, Joni Mitchell...

I'm really looking forward to meeting you. This week, I have my first appointment where I get to see your heartbeat, and afterwards we'll finally tell everyone you're on your way.

Love you already,

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monkeygirl said...

well everyone knows now, and its super exciting because I also couldn't wait to tell everyone about you being on the way. everyone around wanted you so very much. As to the music, while mama has dated taste in music, rest secure in the knowledge that you will know amazing music, even if daddy does like jazz, which mommy and I can't figure out. We will expose you to all sorts of wonderful music and art! I can't wait to hold your little hand in front of an amazing Magritte at the Museum of Modern Art and have you take it all in. Of course by 3 I am sure you will surpass me in height, so you will of course look down at me! Okay kiddo, don't muck with mommy's tummy too much!