Monday, October 22, 2007


Hello there, my little capoerista! Ballerina? Breakdancer? Footballer? Gymnast? What are you doing in there, anyway?! Last week you took about a two-day break from all your little bouncy movements, and when you came back, it was with a bang, literally! I feel like a Taiko drum! I'm happy for the constant evidence of your existence, though, so thanks. For the record, you are especially happy after sweets and after spicy food (must take after me!).

On Friday we get to find out whether you're a girl or a boy. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to know at all. I mean, finding out when you're born has got to be one of the biggest, best surprises you can get in a lifetime. But now that we've decided, I'm really excited! I can't wait to know a little bit more about who you are. You're like a little mystery and I keep getting clues doled out. I'm looking forward to this one.

For the record, I don't care at all which sex you are. Cookie baking, singing, walks, soccer, books... those are things that anyone can enjoy. So it's not as if I'll hear "It's a girl" and think "Oh no, no sports!" or "It's a boy" and "Oh no, no baking!" I'll try to expose you to all kinds of things, and whatever you latch onto is what you latch onto, right? I can give you choices, but I can't dictate what you choose. And that's fine: I don't want an accessory. I want a person with feelings and tastes and ideas and a distinct personality. So whether you're a boy or a girl matters little. I'm just looking forward to referring to you by the appropriate pronoun, and maybe calling you by your name. One more piece of the mystery revealed.

Love you already,

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Almost 16 weeks!

Dear Peapod,

This is an exciting time. You're moving around, and I can feel it! I felt you move for the first time last Wednesday, and since then I've felt it at least once a day. Sometimes you do a big movement, like "Bloop!" Other times, it's a little flutter. I wish I could feel it all the time. It's so nice to know you're in there and doing well.

My pregnancy day-by-day web site told me today that you are as big as a softball. Isn't that unbelievable? I can't get over how much you're growing and how fast this time is passing. As excited as I am to meet you, I'll never get to relive this time, and I'd like to savor every moment.

I feel good right now. I'm definitely showing now, and can't wear most of my regular clothes unless I layer them over maternity shirts. I think strangers can now tell that I'm pregnant, not just fat.

Your room is getting closer to being ready. Your grandma cleaned the floor today, and the crib is in there, the rug, the bed, the rocking chair... There are a few things left to move out or find places for, and we still need some things, but they'll come later, probably at the shower.

There's not much else to add right now. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, so if there's any news, I'll write it here!

Love you already,