Wednesday, August 1, 2007

6 weeks and a bit

Hi Peapod,

I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant, which makes you almost 5 weeks in the making. Right now you're about 1/4 of an inch long, but you're already growing organs, you have a heart with two chambers, and you have arm and leg buds. Cool, huh? I'm definitely feeling more pregnant. I am sleepy as heck. I just got back from Chicago, so I can probably explain some of it as jet lag, but I've been taking naps, going to bed early, sleeping in late... I'm glad it's summertime so I can indulge how tired I am. I'm still hungry, and I'm not really feeling ill (or not very much, anyway), but I'm finding that it's harder to find things I want to eat. Normally I'll eat anything, but for some reason, I think of things to eat for dinner and they just don't sound good. I'm usually a very healthy eater, and I'm finding that I am eating a lot more starches and salt and less veggies and fruits! Yikes! I'm going to have to fix that.

I've told so many people, and I was really not planning to this early, but I'm so excited! I told my dance teacher (well, she might need to know), Nora who does my eyebrows (because she's pregnant, too, and knows how we've been trying), Grandma S (not your grandma, mine -- because she's been prying), my co-worker Chris (because I figured he could help me with this year's schedule), Auntie Monkeygirl (because she's my best friend), the girls I went to the conference with (because it's otherwise hard to explain peeing every five minutes and eating everything I see), oh gosh, who else? Well, I told myself I could REALLY tell after my first pre-natal appointment, which is in a little more than a week. I'm supposed to be able to see your heart beating on the ultrasound, which is very exciting for me. After that, we'll tell all your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, great-aunts and uncles, second cousins... the whole lot of them!

I'm getting a lot of questions -- about whether we'll find out the sex, whether we have a preference, whether we can decide on names, how I feel... It's funny how people have all the same questions. If you're wondering, I don't have a preference about sex, and I don't know whether we'll find out. Your dad wants to, but I get to run this show, and I think hearing "It's a ..." is kind of exciting. We can't come to any agreements about names yet. It's a good thing we still have until March to sort it out.

I love you already,

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