Wednesday, August 29, 2007

11 weeks

Dear Peapod,

I don't know if you're interested in this stuff, but I'm going to keep recording it anyway. Next week I have an appointment where I think I get to hear your heartbeat. I think that will be really cool. I wish your dad could come, but my appointment is pretty early -- it would be really hard to pick him up from work and still get to the appointment on time. Oh well.

My body hasn't done too much more changing. I'm looking forward to getting a real belly bump. I have definitely expanded in the waist, but it doesn't have that cute roundness to it yet.

I think my appetite has stabilized a bit. I'm still hungrier than normal, but I want small portions more often. Sadly, I am still kind of off the veggies. I want starch, dairy, salt, and fruit. That's about it. And it's hot out -- today it was 107, which really doesn't encourage me to want to cook or eat hot food. Some of the things I really love don't sound that good to me. I have bars of dark chocolate and a bag of M&Ms I haven't touched at all in almost 2 months! Yeah, they're probably stale...

I'm very excited to meet you. I keep having dreams about you. In some of them, you're a girl, in others you're a boy. I need to look it up to make sure, but I know that soon I'll be in my second trimester! It seems like the time is flying and at a standstill all at the same time.

Everyone who hears our news tells me that I'm going to be a great mom. I hope they're right. I'd love to know what makes them think so, but it's just casual conversation -- you can't really ask. If I can't achieve anything else, I'd like you to reach adulthood having felt consistently safe and consistently loved. I've sometimes thought that if nothing else, I'd like to be remembered for being kind. Like if there was only one thing on my headstone, it would be "She was kind." I want kindness to be important to you, too. It's worth more in the end than intelligence, attractiveness, a sense of humor, loyalty, or any other qualities that we like in others and ourselves.

I love you already,

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monkeygirl said...

These are the things which make me KNOW you will be a great mom...
1. You are patient...I mean like not human patient.
2. This baby could not be more wanted.
3. You love freely and forgive often.
4. You are a teacher, its natural and innate.
5. You will bring a child into a home full of love.
6. You had a good teacher in MM.
7. You know infinte amounts about children.
8. You know how to have fun and be a disciplinarian.
9. You are conscious of how you make people feel.
10. You are you. Never question your parenting abilities. I think everyone flubs up and wonders am I doing this right. But in the end all that matters is a person who is loved and who knows how to love in return.

I could go on, but its way sappy. MG