Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hi baby,

I'm just checking in. I had my first dream about you this week -- you were born already, and we hadn't finished your room, hadn't bought a car seat or crib, and didn't have a name. I said "Just call her Peapod -- we can decide on a name in a couple days."

Your dad had a dream about you, too: he dreamed he was at a swimming class, and people on the sides of the pool were throwing all sorts of different babies at him, and he said "No! Give me MY baby!" You're obviously invading our subconscious lives.

I am surprised to find that my body is already changing a lot. Not that I'm showing, exactly, but little things. Like, I went to yoga the other day and over-stretched. Apparently, there's a hormone that makes it easier for your joints to relax (for birth), but it also means it's easy to stretch too much, and I can feel it. I also really taxed my abdominal muscles, so I kind of look like a pregnant lady -- I'm rolling onto my side to get up instead of sitting straight up!

Your grandma has been taking pictures of me every week since we first found out (week 4), and we looked at the pictures the other day. I was sure there wouldn't be any progression, but there was! I am already rounder in the belly. Now, admittedly, it's bloating and fat, not you and my uterus, but it's a noticeable change.

Congratulations, by the way. Until last week, you were an embryo, and now you're a full-fledged fetus. Don't kid yourself that it doesn't make me feel better. Seeing you on the ultrasound, as I did on Thursday, was a massive relief. I even cried a little. Knowing that you're real, and healthy, and growing is such a relief. I'm a real worrywart when it comes to you. I can't even imagine your teenage years.

Love you already,

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