Monday, December 31, 2007

Hi baby!

I'm officially in my third trimester now. We came back from our trip this afternoon, and we had a lovely time. You have been moving, bouncing, and kicking a lot. I can actually just look down at my stomach and see you shifting around in there. I wouldn't mind if you would sleep in a bit -- you have a regular 6:30 am calisthenics appointment, apparently.

It's amazing to think that your arrival will be in something like twelve weeks. I mean, I could have been counting the weeks all along, but now it seems so close! In fact, as of today your due date is only eighty days away. It also seems very far away, if that can make any sense. That's three months! And darling, I don't blame you or anything, but I'm ENORMOUS. It's becoming difficult to haul my massive girth around, and I can't believe I'm bound to get even bigger over the next three months. My sleep has been affected (it's hard to get comfy, then you kick me for minutes at a time), I walk funny, I have to go to the bathroom every five minutes, and there are parts of my pelvic region that are sore that I didn't even know could GET sore. This has been interesting, but I think I was expecting that I'd have the easiest pregnancy ever, and that it would be more or less a breeze, with lots of flouncing and frolicking. But there's really more waddling and grunting than I expected. But I am still so happy you're coming, and I love you already.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas, Punkin

Dear Peapod,

Well, it's Christmas day, and for a baby who isn't actually here yet, you sure are loved! Your Aunt Maryam and Uncle Kirk sent you a little purple outfit with polkadots. Your cousins Phil and Noona gave you an outfit too, in pink. Tia made a scrapbook for you. Your Great-Aunt Joy gave you an angel candle-holder. Your Grandma Jan sent you a quilt. One of your dad's co-workers and her husband (Debbie and Spencer) gave you two bibs, one with a rocket and another with a German flag. My old friend Erinn and her husband sent you the cutest little legwarmers, some onesies, and some receiving blankets. And we haven't even BEEN to Grandma and Boompah's house yet!

You and I and your dad are very lucky to have so many people who love us.

Thursday is the first day of my third trimester, and we are also leaving for our last trip that doesn't really include you, at least for a while. We're going to Monterey and Santa Cruz.

You are a very busy baby. Just so you know, I've accused you of practicing capoeira, Taiko drumming, karate, ballet, gymnastics, acrobatics, using my uterus as a trampoline, and driving your own Fred Flintstone car. You kicked your dad's hand really hard the other night, and yesterday when I was holding your cousin Grant (who is 4 weeks old now), you kicked HIM several times. He didn't seem to mind though, as he was fast asleep. You're still hard to catch in action, though. I'll feel you kicking up a storm, and by the time I've got somebody's hand on my belly, you've stopped! It's like you're being sneaky.

Well, it's Christmas morning and your dad and I have opened our presents to each other (as usual, he spoiled me!), and now I'm going to tidy up a bit, take a shower, and then we'll go over to Grandma and Boompah's. They're making pancakes for breakfast. Next year, you'll be with us! Although at 9 months, I don't think you'll be ready for pancakes. We'll see. Maybe a bite.

Love you already,