Friday, February 22, 2008

Hi Sweetness

Well, we're getting very close to the end. You are due exactly four weeks from today. You have dropped into position, and Dr. Seaver was even able to feel your head at my appointment this week. He rolled in an ultrasound machine and I got to see you again. I didn't get a very good look; it mostly showed me that your head was round, your eye sockets go in, and your nose goes out. That's all as it should be. I did get a really clear view of your hand, though. You opened and closed your fingers over your thumb and palm like a sweet little wave.

I'm so excited to meet you! I'm also having some strange mixed feelings that I have to admit to. For example, I am really looking forward to meeting you, but I know I will miss being pregnant. And even though I know I will miss being pregnant (and having you roll around inside me), I am pretty uncomfortable and my back hurts a lot. It will be good when that's over. And although I'd like for it to be over, I'm not sure I'm ready for it to be -- we have to put your clothes away, buy diapers and bottles, install the car seat... It feels like there is a lot to do before you really get here, and that's a little scary.

Your movements have changed a bit. Instead of enthusiastic punches and kicks, you're doing a lot more stretching and rolling around. You did wake your dad up the other night. We we snuggling and both fell asleep, but you didn't! He had his hand on my belly, and you started kicking his hand and woke him up. You didn't wake me up, though, incidentally. I've gotten really used to your frequent movements. I thought it was sweet, like you two were communing while I was asleep.

I suppose that's all for now. Don't come early!

I love you already,

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