Thursday, November 1, 2007

You're halfway there!

Dear Peapod,

Or should I say Azadeh? We found out last week that you are a girl! I would have been happy either way, but I'm delighted that you are a girl, and I've already gone out with your grandma and looked at sweet little fuzzy pink and purple and green outfits for you. Your dad and I had talked about names, and we had sort of decided on Azadeh for a girl (I wanted to wait and make sure it was right), but it wasn't until I saw you on the screen at my ultrasound that I thought "Yeah, that's my little Zadie in there." It feels much more perfect now. We called everyone -- your aunts, grandmas, grandpas, friends -- and told them all you are a girl. Everyone's excited, and they like your name, too. Your dad looked it up and found that it means "freedom" or "princess."

You have still been kicking a ton. This afternoon during a meeting at work, you were REALLY powerfully knocking me around! I couldn't help but make a face at it a couple times.

Today marks the 20th week, which is exactly halfway through your gestation and my pregnancy, which of course we're sharing. I'm really delighted to be going through all this. I am sure my mind will change later on, but right now, as much as I want to meet you, I love having you here as a little secret inside me. I'm the only one who feels you kick. I'm the only one who's constantly aware of your little life. It's just crazy that 5 months ago you were only an idea, and in 5 months more, you'll be in my arms.

I love you already, little miss halfway mark!

Love Mom.

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