Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dear Peapod

I am now 5 1/2 months pregnant, more than halfway there! Sometimes it still seems hard to believe, like it's too good to be true. But it's hard to forget you're there, because you're moving ALL the time! This has been an exciting week, actually. First, you were kicking right when I went to bed one night, and your dad got to feel you kick for the first time. On Sunday, your grandma got to feel it, too. It's still subtle to them, but I feel it very distinctly. I think you're reacting to some external things, too. For example, if I rest my laptop on my belly, I can almost guarantee you'll start kicking it. And today when I was singing to you, you started kicking. Another odd thing happened the other night -- I rolled over, and then you rolled over. It felt like you just had to adjust when I did. Your head (I think -- frankly it could have been your butt) rolled right into where my hand was resting. It was a kick.

I made you a blanket this week. I made it out of some of your dad's and my t-shirts. It's not perfect, but I'm really happy with it. And then afterwards, I got to say "I made a blanket for our daughter." That's kind of amazing, to think that you're really on your way. I secretly hope it becomes your favorite blanket and that you won't be able to bear being separated from it.

Something else I've been thinking about this week is how happy I am that we're able to bring you into the world in such a positive relationship. I hope that your dad and I will be able to model for you, your whole life, what it's like to be in a healthy relationship. It's corny, I suppose, but we really love each other, and we both make an effort to do things that will make each other happy. I know there will be hard times ahead -- no one gets a free pass for their whole lives -- but we'll get through them together. And Zadie, that's what I want you to see.

Love you already,

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