Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What I'm assuming will be part one of two

So, little Lochlan... your birth has not happened yet, but I think we're getting close. I've been dilated to 2 cm for at least three weeks, and I've been having irregular, short contractions off and on for weeks as well. I was so sure you were going to be early! But here we are on your due date, September 3rd, still a family of three.

I have been off work for two days, which feels strange. It is the first time in 15 years that I haven't begun the school year with my students. I have been getting some things done around the house and some errands and such, but I feel restless and ready.

Today, I went to see Dr. Seaver, and he said I was dilated to 4 centimeters (which I wasn't until the hospital with Zadie), 70% effaced (less than with Z), and at -2 station (the same, actually). He asked if I wanted to get things going, and first I asked if there were any adverse effects. He said, "Just starting labor." So I said, "Do it!" He stripped my membrane, and now I'm home again, having eaten dinner with your sister and dad (we had Corti Brothers sandwiches, a Wednesday night tradition around here).

I'm not sure when things will get going, but the doctor seemed pretty sure it would be soon. So I'm off to go get some dessert before I can't, and then I'll draw Z a bath and soon after, likely put her to bed.

When are you coming, baby? I am looking so forward to holding you and seeing your face.

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