Monday, December 28, 2009

21 months

Azadeh, you are a real character. Today on the train to San Francisco, you looked around and loudly said "How are you today, people?" Everywhere we go, people are charmed by you, partly because you are intentionally charming -- you smile, cock your head coyly to one side, say "Hi!" and "How are you today?" and "What's your name?"

You learned lots of words in Spanish at your Spanish class. Now we can ask "Donde esta los ojos?" and you'll point right to your eyes. You know several animals and some other facial features and some of the months and a few other things, too.

You still love ArtBeast (in fact, I think I'm going to get you a 1-year pass), and you also love the zoo and the park and, since Grant's 2nd birthday, BounceTown. In fact, practically every time we leave the house you announce that we're on our way to BounceTown.

You make little jokes. Your favorite is "One two boobies!" (You counted them once, carefully, while pointing at them, and it made me laugh, so now you do it all the time. If I don't laugh, you say "Mama, laugh!")

Christmas is over now, and you really enjoyed it. You got lots of new books and toys and some clothes. Your favorite, I think, is the doll stroller, which you load up with whichever doll or animal is handy and roll around and around the house. You got three dolls. One of them, I asked what you wanted to name it, and I was being silly. "Brunhilda?" "Noooo." "Esmerelda?" "Noooo." "Hepzibah?" "Pepzibah!!" So we called her Pepzibah. Then you got a prairie girl doll from me and I threw out some flower names. "Rose?" "No." "Daisy?" "No." "Iris?" "Iris!" So her name is Iris. Then the third doll we named, from your Auntie Maryam, was a small cloth one with curly blond yarn hair. I decided to go with Greek names, and I started with Calliope. You loved that one right away. There was no more discussion. You also named your pig "Pigoboto," which cracks me up. Today we were singing "Mr. Roboto" with the lyrics changed to be about ham.

Possibly the biggest news right now is that you are potty training. Yep, one day at Grandma's, you just were dry every time she checked, and she asked if you wanted to use the potty, and you said yes every time. And you used it. It happened for two days in a row, so I tried it at home on the weekend, and you were still into it. You can't tell us before you poop, so you're still pooping in your panties or diaper, and we have been putting you in diapers when we go out and at night and naptime, but still, that's pretty good for a girl who's not even two! You have Elmo panties, Dora, Hello Kitty, and some other Sesame Street ones, and you do like to wear them. It seems like you're growing up so fast!

Daddy had a lot of time off this month, and you've been spending a lot more time with him. You two have a nice time together. He takes you to the park, takes you to get chicken nuggets, and you go on walks. In addition to it being so fun for both of you, it's a nice change for me, because I don't have to take you absolutely everywhere or hear you yelling "MAMA NO GO BYE-BYE!" when I leave the house.

Another wonderful thing that's changed is bedtime. We had gotten into a bad habit of me laying down with you to nurse you to sleep, then falling asleep with you. Then I would sneak back to my own bed, and in the middle of the night, if you'd cry again (which you did most nights), I would go lay down with you again. Neither one of us was getting enough sleep. So about three weeks ago, we told you the boobies went night-night, and started a very standard bedtime routine. We brush teeth and talk about your day. Then we read "I Love You as Much." Then we have hugs and kisses. Finally, I say "I love you little, I love you big, I love you like a little pig. Good night, sleep tight, and help Sweetpea get to sleep." Then I take off. For three nights, you really cried, but you slept through the night. Since then, you pretty much crash out as soon as I turn the light off, and you sleep all through the night almost every night. It's fantastic.

Okay, I'm tired. All for now. Today for the first time I told someone "She'll be two in three months."

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