Saturday, May 9, 2009

over 13 months

Well, I'm a slacker! I was trying to update this once a month. Ah, well.

You are so much fun right now. Everywhere we go, you insist on "walk walk walk!" We let you walk up and down the sidewalk, all over the house (which can be trouble, as two of your favorite things to get into are the diaper pail and the cat's food), and wherever else we think it's safe to let you walk. The other day you went face-first into the concrete of our neighbor's driveway. You can really get around and get into everything! I had to get locks for some of the cabinets. Everywhere we look around the house are pieces of Tupperware, lone shoes, purses, junk mail...

Grandma and I have been working on potty training you. At first we had a lot of luck -- we were catching you just at the right moment and you were peeing in the potty and having dry diapers. By the end of the week, you had even pooped in the potty three times. But since then, you had an upset stomach one week and we haven't been as lucky, so we're still having a mix of potty and diaper. Still, it's progress! You're rather young for potty training anyway, so anywhere we get is a bonus.

You can say "book" now, and you chant it while bringing us books to read. You recognize that letters are a particular kind of shape, but for the moment, you think they're all "e."

You still love drinking water, and you'll eat almost any kind of food. We've been getting you your own sandwich at Corti Brothers for dinner on Wednesday.

You are learning to dance. Grandma has been taking you to a music class on Mondays, and they stomp, turn around, put their hands in the air, and shake their hips. She's taught you the first three. Last night at Maalouf's, we were the only ones in the restaurant, so I let you walk around, and you showed everyone your dance skills. Abdul said he might put you on the schedule of belly dancers.

You are still obsessed with the cat. You call every cat you see "Mee-ah" and when we're at home, you always want to pet her. I have to say "gentle, gentle!" and take your hand, because you can be a little rough. You also like to kiss her on the face, which she is not wild about, so I monitor that carefully.

As we speak, you're getting into something, so I'd better go! I'm having a blast running after you, my curious dumpling.

I love you more every day,


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