Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ten months!

Hello, my beautiful, sweet, perfect daughter. You are now ten months old. I'm starting to think about first birthday parties, even. You aren't walking yet, but you are standing competently and confidently. You eat damn near anything. You laugh a lot. One of your favorite things is sticking your index finger out like E.T., and when someone touches it with their index finger, you laugh your ass off, particularly if they say something like "Bzzz" or pretend to be electrocuted. You are crazy for peekaboo, and laugh when someone hides behind something and then pops out. You love eating out at restaurants, and can gnaw through a piece of bread, no matter how crusty. You're good natured, although you want to do whatever you like. You want, for example, to throw everything from the table onto the floor and do not want to be prevented from it.

You're a pretty good sleeper now, and usually can be put down at night without any fuss. You are resistant to naps this last week, though. You love birds, and whenever you see them you flap your arms and say "Caw!" You're going to Babysigns class again starting tomorrow, so hopefully you'll pick up some more signs. Now you do approximations of eat, more, nurse, milk, bird, and you do hat really well. You're also working on water.

You have picked up a few more words, including clock, and you now make a "vroom" noise when playing with your car. Your favorite noise is "MMMM," which you say whenever you see, smell, or taste food you like. The other day at the coffee shop, you apparently made "MMMM" noises at a family eating muffins, but they ignored you.

You have four teeth, and I think your hair may be getting a little darker. It's not filling in a heck of a lot, though. The little bit at the back is longer and curls up in a funny way.

This morning you crawled into the shower in your jammies while your dad was in there with the water on. You're funny like that.

Okay, that's all.

I love you,

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