Monday, September 29, 2008

I wrote all this stuff down...

and thought I ought to keep it here, where I'm putting the stuff for you. I love you, Zadie.

I can't believe it, but she's six months old! She had a checkup, and the doctor said to go ahead and go nuts with the solids, because she's ready. The doc commented again on her freakin' awesome head control. She's about a month away from getting teeth. She is finally at the 50th percentile for weight, yay!! Since her reflux seems to be mostly under control, we can stop thickening her formula.

I've given her bananas, avocados, sweet potato, and butternut squash. She seems to like everything. Yesterday at sushi she ate avocado off chopsticks very successfully.

She keeps trying to crawl. She can get anywhere she wants by army crawling, but she can't quite keep her ass off the ground and work her legs at the same time.

She likes her jumper, her swing, the cat, books, and eating paper. She has learned to blow raspberries and discovered that it makes me laugh when she does it with a mouthful of avocado, so she does it all the time.

She's obsessed with ears -- grabbing them and looking inside. She is really good at holding things and picking up small objects.

She babbles a lot now, and I hear lots of consonants -- b, v, r, l, d, g, and w. She wanders around here going "ah ba ra da da guh bala..." Her Boompah (my stepdad) always engages in conversation with her, so as soon as she sees him, she starts in.

She would really enjoy breaking the stereo. She turns it on and hits eject, and then tries to bang on the CD tray. Usually I can get to her before the banging begins.

She smiles when you smile at her. She laughs when you say "yay" or "ah" or blow raspberries on her stomach. She loves when you take her hands and make her clap.

She has just this week figured out waving. She doesn't do it consistently, but if you wave at her long enough, she'll open and close her hand.

No matter what you're eating, if you wave it toward her face, she'll open wide, expectant.

She can pull herself to standing on the arm of the couch, and is working on using her vibro-chair for the same purpose.

The other night as she was falling asleep, she closed her eyes, said "ba ba da da," then her eyes flew open and she leapt toward and latched onto my boob.

She will crawl across a room at breakneck speed just to chew on your big toe.

She thinks it's funny to roll over fifteen times during one diaper change.

And that is my girl at six months old.

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