Monday, June 2, 2008

Ten weeks old tomorrow

Dear Peapod,

How time flies, sweetie. You are not gaining weight very well, and I want you to be a nice big chunky healthy baby, so we're trying a few things. I think you may have a milk allergy, so I'm cutting all milk out of my diet and switching you to soy formula. You already seem happier, which makes me think you may indeed have had a tummyache. If so, I sure apologize for letting you have an upset stomach for so long! Rookie mistake. It may not be the milk, but so far the milk-free experiment is going well, so I have my hopes up.

These days you enjoy your playmat a lot. It has two cross-pieces that sort of dome over the top with toys hanging from it, and when you kick it it jingles. You lay there and kick and smile and it jingles away. You also like your vibrating chair. It has lights and rainforest sounds and a monkey and frog that move and a parrot and monkey you can hit. It seems to entertain you well.

Your dad and I have so many nicknames for you it's not even funny. We start with Zadie-face, Zadie-head, Zadie-cakes, Zadie-bug, then move into sweetie, darling, punkin', sweet stuff, cutie-pie, punkin' muffins, sweetie-head, lovebug, and finally things like Kicky McKickerson and pooter-pants and pooter pie. Those are only the ones off the top of my head.

We also sing to you for almost every occasion. A diaper change, for example, might begin with the operatic "My Mother Tortures Me" and finish up with the peppy "Clean and Dry." Your dad narrates everything he does with you in song.

We also kiss you, gum you, put your feet and hands in our mouths, let you grab our fingers. You've just recently taken an interest in our wedding rings and grab at them. You have the sweetest big huge smiles for us, especially in the mornings.

You're the greatest joy in our lives. We love you,


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